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According to numbers by the NSDUH, hundreds of thousands of Americans use meth each month, and thousands use it for the first time.
Methamphetamine is a crystal clean, whitish or brownish powder that is sold in small chips that look like crystals or broken glass. Some drug vendors sell the drug in liquid form. While the drug can be taken orally or injected, it is most often smoked or snorted. If you’re trying to look for signs of meth use in someone close to you, you should look for pieces of aluminum foil, empty cans with holes in the side, or large numbers of discarded ballpoint pen parts (the shafts are useful as pipes). Call Drug Treatment Centers Secaucus today at (201) 620-9127

What happens once you use it?

When meth enters the system, it quickly acts on the brain, and creates a rush of the neurotransmitter dopamine in certain parts of the brain. The user rises to an intense, long-lasting high. Some users prefer to take this drug orally; this method produces high that isn’t as intense as when it is smoked, but that lasts several hours.

Meth users love the energizing effects of the drug, and often don’t even care to eat or sleep. They are uncontrollably sleepy after the effects of the drug wear off. A gaunt, undernourished look, and poor dental health and skin health are two of the classic signs prolonged meth abuse.
Other signs turn up from time to time; some meth users are constantly nervous. Others are often sweaty even when they aren’t hot. Dilated pupils, high blood pressure and unnaturally high levels of libido are associated with meth use.

Treating Dependency

As with most other drugs, detoxification is the first step of a rehab program. The detoxification process involves having the user completely abstain from meth use, while doctors use medications to minimize the side-effects.
Once the patient successfully completes detox, doctors prescribe a number of rehabilitation programs to help give the patient the skills he needs to fight off the craving, and adjust to regular life.

Modern addictions science has considerable proof to show that most drug addictions are caused in part by pre-existing mental disorders in the patient. Bipolar disorder, depression, schizophrenia and other mental health diseases often push patients into drug use. For such patients, most doctors today recommend the dual diagnosis approach. This involves having doctors concurrently treat patients for their addictions and their mental disorders. This type of approach gives patients the best possible chance at beating their addiction.

When a user agrees to try rehab, you need to be ready to take advantage of the opportunity as early as possible. Users often change their minds, after all. You should call a rehab center that you trust right away. You can reach Drug Treatment Centers Secaucus at (201) 620-9127.

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