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Alcoholism and drug addiction are two of America’s deadliest diseases. While alcoholism kills 100,000 each year, drug overdose take 100 lives every single day. These diseases debilitate millions more, ruining their chances of success and happiness in life, and hurting their families. If it surprises you to hear about alcoholism and drug addiction referred to as diseases, it’s important that you know that it is the scientific position. Whether you agree with the position or not, the approach has brought a great deal of success to medical detox treatment plans and recovery strategies.

Science-based medical detox helps doctors cure millions each year. If you have a loved one whom you are anxious to help, but aren’t sure how, a call to Drug Treatment Centers Secaucus at (201) 620-9127 will help you get in touch with a professional who can help you understand how medical detox works, and how it can help your loved one.

Medical detox is a scientifically sound method of helping the brain regain its chemical balance, with as little risk or discomfort as possible. While carefully monitoring the patient’s vital signals at all times, doctors administer medications to help the brain return to its natural state.
Drugs and alcohol may deliver a great deal of artificial pleasure to the user, and create a sense of great well-being, but these pleasurable effects are brought about through the hijacking of the brain’s neurotransmitter systems, and long-term damage occurs. The result is that when the user tries to withdraw from drugs or alcohol, the brain has no way of returning to a healthy neurotransmitter balance; the patient then slides into serious withdrawal symptoms — delirium tremens in alcohol withdrawal, hypothermia in heroin withdrawal, and insomnia, deep depression and fatigue in methamphetamine withdrawal. Suicidal tendencies and seizures are seen in extreme cases. It all comes from the way substance abuse damages the brain’s ability to maintain a natural chemical balance.

What medications do doctors use in medical detox?

Doctors at Drug Treatment Centers Secaucus make use of a number of medications to help keep possible withdrawal symptoms under control. Sedatives are an important aid; a patient who is sedated rarely experiences tremors, depression or suicidal tendencies. Drugs such as naltrexone are helpful for the way they block the pleasure centers of the brain from the effects of drugs and alcohol. When these areas of the brain are no longer able to bind to alcohol or drugs, the patient no longer feels the need for them.

What to expect from treatment

Our residential drug and alcohol rehab programs place the patient in care of professionals who watch them around the clock, and make sure that the patient has a drug- and alcohol-free environment.

More importantly, the doctors at residential programs have a great deal of time to study their patients. The knowledge that they gain helps them customize treatment plans for them. Detoxification is only one part of the whole; patients need counseling, therapy, psychiatric care and support from fellow patients. These components are far more effective in a residential setting. It can be nearly impossible for people to set up such an environment for their loved ones at home.

Residential treatment plans work well for those who have chronic substance abuse disorder or who are not highly motivated. It takes experience to know what kind of treatment plan would suit your loved one. If you need the opinion of a professional, call Drug Treatment Centers Secaucus at (201) 620-9127 today.

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