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If you use drugs and are considering finding a way to quit, a reputable and professional drug rehab program is your best choice. For those who suffer from chronic drug dependence, often the most effective form of treatment can be in the form of a residential drug rehab program. Not only is it the most effective way for people struggling with addictions to regain control over their lives, but it teaches them to manage and maintain their sobriety.

The clinicians and addiction professionals at Drug Treatment Centers Secaucus work hard to create an environment that is as friendly, supportive and safe. Our highly trained staff members are not there to judge you for the choices you’ve made; instead, they are there to offer encouragement and assistance at every step. Call us today at (201) 620-9127, and find out more about our treatment programs.

What is residential drug rehab like?

At Drug Treatment Centers Secaucus, you will get your own room or share one with another patient, depending on your specific case. For most patients, a residential treatment program will last between one and two months. While it isn’t guaranteed to work, residential programs offer the most intense drug addiction treatments available.Before you truly make up your mind about residential rehab, though, you’ll need to know something about what you’re likely to experience each day.

Residential Detox

Residential detox takes place in our medically-equipped facility. Here we can deal with the medical consequences of withdrawal. In addition to medical detox, we also offer counseling, group therapy, family therapy and alternative treatments for rehabilitation. Think of residential detox as a holistic approach to recovery from addiction.

Outpatient Detox

For less severe withdrawal symptoms or for long-term detoxification, people can be managed on an outpatient basis. Methadone is a medication commonly used for outpatient detox to help ease withdrawal symptoms to opiates (e.g. heroin, Percocet, etc.). Outpatient detox is suitable for withdrawal symptoms that aren’t life threatening and for people dedicated to the rehabilitation program. Outpatient alcohol detox is not advisable.

The Therapy Programs

Individual therapy: You get your own addiction counselor, and don’t need to share your sessions with anyone else.

Group therapy: Moderated by a doctor or another drug recovery professional, these therapy sessions help you see where you might have taken a wrong turn in choosing drugs, find role models to take inspiration from and gain from the conversations that your group has.

Family therapy: From time to time, when the doctors find it appropriate, they will call family therapy sessions — to be attended by members of your family. Sessions will have a doctor and an addiction therapist in attendance. The aim of these sessions is to help patients and their families mend ties.

The Staff

If you worry about how the nurses and other staff members at rehab may be judgmental and uncaring, you should know that many residential drug rehab workers are addicts in recovery themselves, who have given their lives over to helping others get clean. You’ll only see compassion in them, and not judgement.

Completing an inpatient drug rehab programs requires that the patient stay off drugs for the entire duration of the program, and learn the skills necessary to continue to remain clean. The relapse prevention skills that you learn in rehab can be some of the most important that you come by in your whole life. The ultimate goal of any recovery program is that you attain sobriety and maintain it for life. If you or someone you love is in need of drug treatment therapy, call Drug Treatment Centers Secaucus at (201) 620-9127.

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