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When a person completes drug detox and overcomes their physical dependence on a drug, there’s still a long road ahead to a life free of craving and relapse: they need to accept addiction treatment therapy for long-term success. If you wish to help a loved one out of an addiction, you need to learn about the process involved. Call Drug Treatment Centers Secaucus at (201) 620-9127.

What is addiction treatment therapy?

In 2012, Columbia University’s National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse released a study that found that patients rarely received evidence-based treatment at most rehab centers. Many patients at rehab clinics, the study found, never got to hear about addiction treatment therapy, one of the most important approaches to staying free of drugs over the long term.

Addiction treatment therapy is a collection of therapeutic methods that help patients gain the mental skills that they need to resist drugs or alcohol. These treatments include the following approaches:

Cognitive therapy: Cognitive behavioral therapy or CBT is a system of psychological therapy that helps people understand how exactly their cravings arise. Therapy helps them catch the moods, situations and thoughts that act as their triggers for craving, and teach them ways to resist them or fend them off.

Motivational interviewing: Traditionally, medical science has tended to see people who struggle with addiction as in denial. The therapeutic approach used then focused on forcing patients to face the realities of why they chose to remain addicted.
While confrontation therapy does have its place, modern therapy methods focus on offering patients positive motivations, instead. Over the course of several interviews with their patients, therapists learn about what truly motivates them in life, and help them mentally connect escaping addiction to succeeding with the aims that motivate them.

Family therapy: It can be hard for patients to break free of an addiction without a strong support network of friends and family. Strong relationships are key to success. Family therapy, then, helps patients gain strength from their family. These therapy sessions bring in family members for group sessions, help patients connect with them, and turn their relationships into powerful motivators.

Addiction treatment therapies can be very creative

The addiction treatment therapy methods above are often offered directly in therapy sessions with therapists guiding their patients. Often, though, rehab clinics offer more creative approaches to these methods.

SMART Recovery: Self-Management and Recovery Training or SMART is a nonprofit that promotes a scientifically validated method of staying away from addictive behaviors. It uses techniques obtained from cognitive therapy, rational emotive behavior therapy and other research-based methods. When patients take up SMART Recovery, they go through several stages: they contemplate their addiction, create a change plan worksheet, take action and guard against relapse.

Art therapy: According to the American Art Therapy Association, people who experience challenges of any kind can find a great deal of focus in working through their problems by devoting themselves to art. Art can help them express the extremely difficult feelings that run through their minds, and that never find expression in words. The more they express those feelings through art, the more they are able to focus on them, hold them in their minds and learn to cope with them. Art therapy can work through drawing and painting, music, dance or any other art form.

Restorative Yoga: Most rehabs today offer some form of yoga or meditation. For those who love these forms of exercise, they can be effective as ways to cope with life after drugs.

Principles of Effective Treatment

Finding a great rehab center for a loved one can take work. The National Institute on Drug Abuse has a research-based guide on what to look for (see: As you do your homework researching rehab centers, you should keep the following ideas in mind.
Good rehabs offer flexible, personalized treatment approaches for each patient. One-size-fits-all plans do not work.
A good rehab will always offer multiple treatment options; detox is only the first step. Addiction treatment therapies need to take up the bulk of the treatment offered.

Psychiatric disorders are often a part of any addictive behavior. Treatment programs should offer psychiatric evaluation and care.
Finally, it’s important to understand that recovery from addiction can take very long. Any drug addiction facility that you consider needs to recognize this truth, and stay with its patients for as long as needed. Whatever you need to know about helping a loved one overcome addiction, you can call Drug Treatment Centers Secaucus at (201) 620-9127 for advice.

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