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Dismantling a multimillion dollar drug operation in Secaucus highlight the extent of substance abuse in this city. According to police, the reach of this operation extended into South and Central Florida. Shutting down suppliers like this Secaucus operation can send users scrambling for alternate avenues of supply or towards a drug treatment center for professional help. Withdrawal symptoms have a way of bringing substance abusers face to face with addiction and their need for the solutions that drug treatment centers provide.

Drugs of abuse impair the neurological functions of some individuals so much that even in the face of negative consequences they continue to repeat the addictive behavior. The staff at Drug Treatment Centers Secaucus are cognizant of this. We offer quality care while maintaining your comfort and dignity. When you enter our drug treatment centers you are assured of the highest level of care. Because our facility is certified by the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF) all our programs adhere to approved standards for drug treatment intervention.
Many times substance abusers and their loved ones are unsure as to the severity of the drug abuse problem. Understanding the major signs of a developing addiction can help to confirm the need to get help sooner than later. Call Drug Treatment Centers Secaucus today at (201) 620-9127.

Signs of Addiction

    • Dependency
      Once an individual begin to develop a dependency on a chemical substance, the process of addiction has been set in motion. A gradual increase in the amount of drugs or alcohol being consumed is a positive sign of a growing dependency. When the drug use occurs every day and the individual begin start to have problems functioning without the drug of choice, it may be time to seek help.
    • Withdrawal Symptoms
      Manifestation of withdrawal symptoms are indications that psychological and physical impairment is in progress. Withdrawal symptoms are unpredictable and can range from mild to severe. They can also escalate quickly especially in the case of long term drug abuse. Symptoms may include insomnia, anxiety, muscle aches and pains, nausea and vomiting to name a few. More severe withdrawal symptoms could result in pulmonary complications, stroke or a heart failure.

Withdrawal symptoms should not to be taken lightly. Secaucus Drug Treatment Centers provide medical detox procedures that help patients to safely eliminate toxic build up. In a safe, comfortable environment, patients receive around-the-clock medical oversight and evaluation to mitigate any serious medical condition.

  • Behavioral Changes
    Change can be reflected in increased expenditures for drug purchases, lack of self-care and negative interactions with loved ones. As drug use escalate, these changes may become more obvious and lead to severe mood swings as well as irresponsible and risky behavior.
    When it comes to finding help for substance abuse, readily available answers and open honest communication is the best option. People seeking recovery for their loved ones are typically very anxious about how to confront the issues. We provide qualified drug interventionist that can assist with all facets of a drug intervention. Through careful, non-judgmental discussions family members communicate the negative effects drug abuse is having on them personally and the family in general. The best interventions guide loved to recognize their need for help and agree to treatment.


About Secaucus

Secaucus is a growing town situated in Hudson County, New Jersey. According to the 2013 census, 18,311 currently call this area home. Originally known as “Sikakes” the town was part of the Bergen Town territory which was believed to be the oldest municipality in the state of New Jersey. As a predominantly agricultural community specializing in flowers, Secaucus was later known for its many pig farms. Approximately 55 pig farms housing more than 250,000 pigs outnumbered human residents by about sixteen to one.

The city today has been battling a problem with prescription drugs, meth and Heroin among its high school students and young adults. This problem has been showing up in school and as criminal activity within the suburban as well as urban areas of the city. To halt this trend, community leaders has launched various programs that have been recognized and aided in part by the DFC Grant.

Even with its growing drug problems, this area continues to thrive with its mostly large retail businesses. Visitors to Secaucus can enjoy outlets shops that offer deep discounts on various name-brand products. Many factory retail outlets are also scattered throughout the city in converted factories.

If you are ready to move past addiction, we can help. Call Drug Treatment Centers Secaucus today at (201) 620-9127 and speak to one of our compassionate addiction specialist about substance abuse concerns.

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